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AirSeat™ Premium Comfort Seat

21 reviews
AirSeat™ Premium Comfort Seat

AirSeat™ Premium Comfort Seat

21 reviews
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Ride For Longer While Preventing Pain and Injuries With AirSeat™

The #1 Rated Premium Comfort Seat!

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Let’s Face It... Bike Seats Aren’t All That Comfy. As a Biker, You Know the Aches and Pains Of Riding All Too Well.

The AirSeat™ Premium Comfort Seat will Minimize Annoying Bumps and Vibrations that Plague All Bikers and Make Your Rides Comfortable Like Never Before!

These cushions provide an additional layer of padding in-between you and the seat and will completely change your riding experience!

And in the long term, your hips, back, neck, and joints will feel less pressure, which can have a significantly positive impact on your body over time.


  • COMFORT LIKE NEVER BEFORE - Ultra-soft air pocket technology significantly reduces pressure on your hips, back, neck, and joints to make for comfortable, painless and injury-free riding in the long-term. Built-in stress relieving features reduce pressure points on tailbone, scrotum, and prostate
  • RIDE FOR LONGER, MUCH LONGER - We've all experienced that moment when riding - your bottom and backside are so sore that riding is no longer a pleasure. Well... Thanks to the AirSeat, now you can double or even triple your ride time because let's face it... Who doesn't want to ride all day? Especially if it's pain-free!
  • PREVENT INJURIES - Studies show that in just 1 hour of riding, the rider is exposed to vibrations comparable to that of a tractor operator for as much as half a day of fieldwork. The AirSeat greatly reduces shocks and vibrations to ensure a smooth ride all the time - so you're no longer exposed to the pressure that could lead to injuries.
  • ADJUST FOR PERFECT COMFORT - Fill the AirSeat up to max capacity, then sit on it and slowly open the air valve to release air as you move around on the pad until you reach your ideal comfort level.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Its easy installation makes It even more amazing. The AirSeat can be installed on any motorcycle. No tools at required! Just place it on top of your existing seat or for some motorcycles you may require to detach your seat and then attach the AirSeat.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - The universal design allows it to be fitted to 99% of motorcycles. The AirSeat's design is engineered to cushion your bottom when sitting, so don't worry if the shape is not accurate and exactly like your bike seat.


  • Material: TPU + Lycra.
  • Size: 40x35cm
  • Color: Black


  • 1 x AirSeat™ Premium Comfort Seat
  • 1 x Air Pump **FREE While Supplies Last**
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Michael S.
I recommend this product

My bike is pretty comfortable but after 300 miles on the factory seat, I start to ache. I was about to leave on a 2500 mile ride so I decided I needed something to prevent the butt ache. For the money, this is a good option. It didn't completely fix things but it definitely made things easier. A custom seat is probably your best option for comfort, but this is almost as good and much less money. I ended up buying another for my other bike, too. Now my a$$ lasts as long as my gas!

John A.
I recommend this product

If you're looking to improve the comfort of your ride, without the cost of buying a whole new seat, you really can't go wrong with an AirSeat. It will take you a few rides to get the amount of air tuned in but, once you do, the difference it makes in your riding comfort is nothing short of absolutely amazing. I'm not exaggerating in the least when I tell you that before using the AirSeat, I would climb off my cruiser after only 50 miles and not want to sit down again for a good 20 minutes because, my backside was just that sore. Since getting my AirSeat, I've twice taken off on a full tank for a day of joy riding, and only realized I'd been in the saddle for nearly 150 miles, because I had to switch over to my reserves. Money well spent.

Robert C.
I recommend this product

If your mama didn't pass along her butt genes, this thing is glorious! Probably pretty nice if you do have a natural cushion too. I bought a 2004 BMW R1150R a while back and really like the bike. But the seat isn't very good and I'm lacking in the natural cushion department. After seeking out others' experience with Airhawk products, I gave it a shot and am SO glad that I did.

Jenny F.
I recommend this product

I got this seat before I even rode in my stock seat on my Boulevard s40 because I have hip issues and knew I would be hurting with any amount of riding. I'm soooo happy I took that risk of spending this much on a seat. Not once have I been on my bike and had my butt or hips be anything but comfortable. Meanwhile, my boyfriend's **** is going numb on his Sportster. He thinks that this seat slides around too much, but I disagree. I never feel unsafe or unstable in this seat. It was pretty easy to install and we haven't had to adjust it since installing it. I aired it up with some slack using the free air pump so it isn't too hard and the air can redistribute easily to compensate for my butt. I can't recommend this seat enough!

Bill R.
I recommend this product

I purchased this after buying a bike and then finding out I couldn't hardly ride it more than 15 minutes before my Sciatic nerve started to cause pain down my leg. Anyone who has problems with that will know. It has something to do with the the seat or position I am in. I played around with various things trying to change my position while riding the bike. I bought the pad and it has almost resolved my problem totally. So if not for the pad I probably would have had to sell the bike or possible go buy another seat to just see if it would make a difference. This is a whole lot cheaper and your butt doesn't get near as tired riding for long distances.